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Aug 09, 2022 By Nick

Your hair is part of your signature style. So, if you suffer from hair loss, it makes sense to feel like you’re losing a part of yourself. Sometimes hair loss is due to medical conditions or aging. Yet other factors, including stress or poor diet, can lead to hair loss. If you’re losing your hair, keep reading. We’ll share some of the most common causes of hair loss and tell you precisely what you need to get help. 

Hair loss, also known as alopecia, can occur in both men and women at various ages. There are many forms of alopecia. You may have some form of alopecia if you experience thinning of your hair around the hairline and part, excessive shedding, or patches of baldness. 

5 Common Causes of Hair Loss

Hormonal Changes A key culprit when it comes to hair loss causes is your hormones. For example, if you are female and experience obvious hair loss, you may have a hormonal imbalance. If you’re pregnant, recently given birth, going through menopause, or even have hypothyroidism, your hormones may cause your hair to thin. 

Age As we age, we produce less oil in our scalp, and our cells die off faster than they did when we were younger. Our cells do regenerate; however, not as quickly as they die. Therefore, our hair grows slower as we age. The loss of oil can make our hair prone to breaking and shedding. Since our keratin production has also slowed down as we age, we’re not producing as much hair as quickly as we used to. 

Stress A traumatic event, a severe illness, or an unrelenting bout of stress is enough to cause your hair to shed and not regrow as quickly. This is due to the natural growth cycle of your hair being disrupted. A disruption in the cycle can pave the way for hair loss. But usually, when you find a way to address the stressor or trauma in a healthy way, your hair growth cycle normalizes.

Genetics Unfortunately, genetics also plays a significant role as one of the causes of hair loss. Male or female pattern baldness is a genetic yet common cause of hair loss. Men will experience hair loss from either side of their temple to the crown. Women will experience thinning of hair all over the head. 

Certain Medications Certain medications, birth control, and chemotherapy can lead to hair loss. Talk to your doctor about the side effects if you’re experiencing increased shedding or thinning of the hair after starting a new medication. 

Hair Loss Treatments

While it may seem like hair loss causes are out of your control, the truth is there are many different treatment options you can do to promote hair growth naturally. To determine the best option for you, consider undergoing a hair loss treatment consultation with an expert stylist at ZaZa Salon and Day Spa. You can expect a thorough consultation with a complete scalp scope analysis. This analysis will help our stylist inspect the cuticles of your hair to see the diameter and potential damage of every single strand of hair. 

Hair loss can be a traumatizing experience. But you can expect a comfortable and easy consultation. Our stylists pay attention to the most minor details to create a welcoming environment you feel at ease in. We offer three specialized treatment programs to help turn back the clock on hair loss. 

Density+ – Density+ is a restorative treatment that regrows hair from active follicles. With in-salon treatments combined with an at-home regimen, Density+ helps reduce sebum buildup around the follicle and can reduce the miniaturization of follicles ​​that can stunt hair growth. Clients can expect a deep cleansing shampoo treatment, a scalp detoxifier, and a hair mask with red light heat therapy. A delightful scalp massage is performed as the scalp is carefully treated with a scalp detoxifer and sebum breaks down. This treatment also includes low-level laser therapy with our Capillus Cap to promote blood flow and regenerate hair cells. The entire in-salon treatment takes between an hour and 90 minutes to complete. Clients typically notice results within 3-5 months of treatment. 

Micro Point If an outside-in approach to treatment doesn’t seem to work for you, Micro Point may be the answer. Clients will use the at-home regime from Density+ to promote growth and treat the root cause of the hair loss. Your stylist will take 2-4 strands of hair and knot these strands onto your naturally growing hair to create density and volume over the scalp’s thin areas. Clients receive 500 strands per visit, and the appointment takes around two hours. Micro Point is mainly for clients experiencing thinning around the top of the head and the crown. 

Hair Replacement – This non-surgical treatment, hair replacement, uses medical-grade adhesives to bond a unit of hair to the client’s hair or scalp. This treatment is repeated every 4-6 weeks. Clients will be asked to buy two units of hair so one can be cleaned while the other is installed. The hair should last 9-12 months, depending on how well the client maintains their new locks. 

Hair Loss Prevention

If you’re looking for things that are in your control to prevent hair loss, here are a few tips you may want to try:

  • Avoid tight hairstyles such as tight braids or ponytails if you have long hair. Any style that forcibly pulls your hair can contribute to hair loss and breakage. 
  • Eat a healthy diet with vitamins and nutrients to promote hair growth, including Vitamin E, iron, and various other proteins. 
  • Limit the duration of heating processes your hair goes through to avoid hair damage
  • If you notice you are shedding more hair than usual each day, determine the root cause and speak with your doctor. 

Learn More

If you want to learn more about hair loss treatments at ZaZa Salon and Day Spa, or if you just want to determine if hair loss treatment could be a viable option for you, consider booking a consultation today. The knowledgeable team at ZaZa Salon helps treat hair loss and follows up on the treatment progress to ensure results. What are you waiting for? Take the first step to address your hair loss today.