Non-surgical hair restoration offers a painless way to address thinning hair. Our hair loss solutions can help regrow, multiply or replace hair so you can regain your confidence and achieve the look you desire.

Our program starts with a consultation done by a highly trained hair restoration specialist who will get to know a bit about your journey and goals. Your specialist will also perform a scalp analysis utilizing a microscopic camera which will help understand which solution may be best. All appointments are in the hair loss studio, a private calming space.

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Hair Restoration

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Restorative treatment that will regrow hair from active follicles. With this in-salon treatment and at-home regimen, you have the potential to regrow lost hair by clearing away Sebum build-up around the follicle that is preventing new hair from growing. This spa-like treatment includes a deep cleansing shampoo, scalp detoxifier, scalp/hair mask with red light heat therapy, scalp massage, laser light therapy to regenerate cells.

Micro Point

Strand by strand solution. This process knots 2-4 strands of hair onto a single strand of the client’s naturally growing hair creating density and volume. Does not create length. The client receives 500 strands per visit.

Hair Replacement

The process of applying a hair system to the client using medical grade adhesives to bond the unit to the client’s hair or scalp. This service is repeated every 4-6 weeks. These clients will no longer be able to be seen in the main salon for cut and color services due to the nature of the new service being provided. Privacy and discretion are of the utmost importance with these clients.