Body Massage

Relax your body, soothe your soul and restore balance by stimulating the senses. Select the massage of your choice and enjoy every moment of it! All massages are available in a package of “Buy 5, get 1 free.”

Swedish Relaxation Massage

55 min $70
85 min $110

Slow long strokes to relax your muscles, increase blood circulation and lymph flow, and enhance range of motion. Ultimately calms the nervous system and reduces stress. Excellent for the first-timer.

Deep Tissue Massage

55 min $80
85 min $120

Traumatized or aching muscles will benefit from deep, firm and focused pressure. Effective in erasing “after workout” aches and stiffness. Also helps with chronic tension in muscles and tendons.

Combo Massage

55 min $75
85 min $115

Combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage designed to target requested areas with deep therapeutic strokes while performing relaxing massage for the rest of the body.

Decompress From the Stress (target area massage)

30 min $49

Designed to concentrate on a particular part of the body to work out “the glitch.”

Couples’ Massage (massage of your choice)

Performed in two connected rooms where two people can relax and enjoy massage services together. Add a romantic touch to your spa experience! Showers are available in these rooms if needed.

For the Mom to be Massage

30min $49

Brings deep relaxation to your body while aiding muscle aches and lower back discomfort. Supports ligament changes, eases body water retention and improves blood circulation.

Hand and Foot Reflexology Experience

45 min $65

Your hands and feet are important sensory organs that have a special relationship with the entire body. Specially designed movement techniques and placing proper pressure on the reflex areas actually reduces stress and alters the body’s tension level. Restores balance and harmony to your entire body.

Foot Reflexology Massage

30 min $45

*Add “Hot Stone” to any massage $15