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Nov 01, 2022 By Nick

Summer is now gone. Sweater weather and crunchy leaves are in abundance. And changing seasons are excellent opportunities to switch up your signature style. All you have to do is look at the reds, oranges, yellows, and dark browns of the season for a bit of inspiration. If you are ready for a brand-new look, check out the top autumn hair color trends in 2022. 


Were you drawn to the shiny shades of Crayola crayons when you were a little kid? You might remember that pretty metallic-looking copper shade. Well, guess what? Copper is in for autumn. This standout color is made with various tones, including deep reds and vibrant oranges. It is suitable for all hair types and textures. When you combine it with a blue undertone, you get a nice cool copper shade that simultaneously appears multidimensional and effortless. 

Rosy Copper

If cool copper is still too dark, or if you have a very fair complexion, rosy copper is a beautiful alternative. This soft shade gravitates toward pink but gently cozies up to red, making a brighter copper hue that isn’t harsh or eccentric.  

Sparkling Champagne

No, we’re not talking about the bubbly (but that is a delight too!) Sparkling champagne is one of the hottest autumn hair color trends this year. What exactly is it? Well, it is really a subdued blonde. For summer blondes who don’t want to try out the darker side, they can stay blonde but blend in perfectly with the autumn foliage. It also works well for brunettes who want to lighten things up.

Warm Brown Balayage

A few years ago, balayage was having a moment. The intricate hair painting technique produces the most beautiful natural transitions from dark to light. It turns out balayage is still immensely popular. For this season, try a warm brown balayage. Chocolates and chestnuts are so fun to play with during autumn. Start with a nice dark shade at the crown and gradually lighten a few shades toward the ends. The result will be picture-perfect and match any autumn accessory. 

Mahogany and Copper Balayage

Sometimes the dark red leaves of autumn stand out the most. If you’re ready to stand out in a big way, try the hottest (warmest) balayage shade, mahogany, and copper balayage. This gorgeous shade is a flattering combination of highlights and lowlights. In the mix, you’ll find hints of auburn, blonde, honey, and light copper. 

Golden Honey

Tone down your summer blonde with a golden honey shade. This glowing spin on a summer staple is a cross between a light brown and a light blonde. The result is a honey wheat color that is perfect for any occasion. This muted blonde with brown is classy and in season by mixing brightness with warm undertones. 

Ash Blonde

As the air gets colder and autumn gradually fades into winter, ash blonde locks will go along with the transition. A cool, ashy base layer sets the tone as icy blonde highlights draw attention to your mane. Not quite silver, not quite blonde, but certainly an eye-catching mix in between. 

Ash Brown

If ash blonde feels a little too close to a beautiful grey, you can darken it a bit with ash brown. With a subdued “ash,” these brown locks have a shimmer effect while maintaining a rich hue. Your expert colorist can make the magic combination to create this must-have shade of the season.  

Rose or Rose Gold

You can play with a rose ombre with darker roots and a pinkish-red shade at the bottom. Or you can go all over with rose gold, a soft pale pinkish-red. These sweet shades are lighter than your usual shady autumn hair colors but fit nicely with the natural color palette of nature. 


Straight-up dark red is a classic autumn hair color, for sure. You can play with the depth by adding highlights and undertones or go for a uniform shade across all strands. Reds that are crimson or almost maroon really capture the autumn aesthetic. Great for all hair types and textures. 


Black hair is back and in a big way. You can have the gradual shading through an ombre look or go straight to the most complimentary black shade your stylist can create. Paired with a white scarf and your favorite coat, you’ll stand out beautifully against the autumn foliage. For the most natural-looking black hair color, consult your stylist on what shade of black would work best with your skin tone. 


Literally, any shade called “espresso” is simply meant for autumn. This rich dark hue is so versatile for all skin tones and hair types. The classic brown is nestled under a dark auburn to create a smokey, rich espresso shade. Making the transition from a beachy blonde to a dreamy brunette has never been easier. 

Color Block Hair

Chunky blocks of vibrant colors make for a unique and distinctive look. You can have sections of your hair dedicated to a single shade or even go with a half-and-half arrangement where half your hair is a neutral shade like blonde or brown, and the other half is color blocks of pink, blue, purple, red, or any other fun color. This edgy look is the perfect combination of forward-thinking and daring. 

Two-Tone Caramel

Is it candy or an autumn hair color? In this case, the latter. Two-tone caramel has dark roots, and light caramel ends. The ends are a combination of reddish-blonde, making them pop and stand out from the roots. This color is great if you have naturally dark hair and want to save some money by rocking shadow roots and embracing them rather than coloring over them. 

The Verdict

Overall, this season’s most popular hair colors are darker, warmer, and richer. However, some creative combinations through ombre, bailage, and roots have certainly spiced up the auburns and reds to create multi-dimensional shades that will have you accepting compliment after compliment. 

Are you ready to switch up your style? Book a consultation and explore with our expert colorists and our services at ZaZa Salon and Spa. Our team will examine your beautiful hair, listen to your hair color goals, and work with you to develop a unique and customized shade that matches your individual personality and preferences. 

Try one of these top autumn hair colors today, and then grab your friends for an autumn leaf photoshoot!