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Aug 23, 2022 By Nick

If you battle frizzy hair each day and crave some much-needed shine, a Brazilian blowout for your luscious locks could be exactly what you need. You may have heard of this transformative hair treatment before, but what is a Brazilian blowout? 

A Brazilian blowout is a semi-permanent hair treatment that reduces your hair’s natural frizz, smooths your locks, and creates a luminous shine. This is all thanks to liquid keratin that bonds to each strand and protects against environmental damage. Once the liquid keratin is applied, your stylist will blow dry, straighten to your liking, rinse your hair, and blow dry again. The heat from the blow drying helps activate the chemicals used in treatment. The end result? Smooth, hydrated, less frizzy, and shiny hair. Every day is a good hair day after a Brazilian blowout—no more fighting with stubborn strands or frizzy ends. 

What to Expect During a Brazilian Blowout for Hair?

First, you will discuss your haircare goals with your stylist. You don’t have to opt for razor-straight hair when you get a Brazilian blowout. Your stylist can tailor your blowout simply by shortening or lengthening the duration of the flat iron process. Maybe you have natural curls and want to tame them a bit. That’s an option too! 

Next, your stylist will shampoo your hair to remove any dirt, sweat, or existing product you may have in your hair. The goal is to create a baseline for the Brazilian blowout treatment. Once your hair is clean, your stylist will apply the Brazilian blowout treatment formula. They will begin at the root and work down to the tip. Then each section will be blow-dried to seal the protein solution to the hair. 

From there, your stylist will flat iron your hair to complete the sealing process while taming frizz and easing waves. You’ll enjoy another hair washing session to remove excess solution before round two of flat ironing and styling. 

Once complete, you can enjoy semi-permanent, easy-to-maintain, smooth, hydrated, and shiny hair. Brazilian blowouts last about 12 weeks, depending on climate, aftercare, and the overall composition of your hair. The best part is that your post-blowout maintenance is pretty minimal, and you can resume your daily activities without a waiting period. 

Chances are, you will want to prolong those results for as long as possible. Fortunately, you can incorporate several great products into your haircare routine to maximize the results of your beautiful Brazilian blowout. 

Are Brazilian Blowouts Safe for My Hair?

When receiving hair treatment from an experienced and professional stylist, Brazilian blowouts are very safe. You may have heard the media or experts voice concerns about the small amount of formaldehyde present as a bonding agent. It is one of the main reasons why treatment is so effective; however, prolonged exposure to high volumes of formaldehyde could cause health problems. The amount used for a Brazilian blowout in a professional setting is minimal. 

Now, if you have significant hair loss or thinning hair, a Brazilian blowout may not be for you. Be sure to discuss your hair health with your stylist before getting started. 

Another concern some people may have is the possibility of treating heat damage. Experienced stylists know precisely how much heat and how long to apply heat for the treatment to be effective. If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to ask your stylist to put your mind at ease. 

Do I Need a Brazilian Blowout?

A Brazilian blowout for hair can make you feel like a million bucks, no matter your hair type or texture. The best candidates for this transformational treatment are those with thick or textured hair, curly, wavy, or even kinky hair. However, if you have straight hair, you can also enjoy the benefits of a Brazilian blowout. It can make your hair super straight and glossy, thus less likely to tangle than before treatment. 

You can also get a Brazilian blowout if you have color-treated hair. Just make sure you color it before the blowout to help seal that color even more! If your hair isn’t acting right or doesn’t seem to lay flat the way you’d like, then a Brazilian blowout is for you. 

Best Products for a Brazilian Blowout

The Brazilian blowout can be time-consuming since it takes up to 90 minutes. So naturally, you will want to do whatever possible to maintain the results. That’s where some of the best products for a Brazilian blowout come into play.

Brazilian Professionals Acai Anti Frizz Duo Pack These duo packs contain a specialized shampoo and a conditioner designed to nourish post-Brazilian blowout hair. The anti-frizz properties work in tandem with your blowout to continue to tame frizz, maintain shine, and promote smooth and silky hair long after you receive a Brazilian blowout. 

Iconic Bonding Spray This color-safe, residue-free protective spray seals the hair cuticle to promote optimum longevity of your Brazilian Blowout. Feel week one results at week ten when used at least once a week. Use alongside the Brazilian Professionals Acai Anti Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner for best results. 

Brazilian Blowout Brazilian Dry Oil This quick-absorbing, lightweight oil can be used daily to smooth and improve the health of all hair types. It works by strengthening the hair without adding weight to each strand. This dry oil reduces drying time, giving your hair a much-needed break from frequent blow drying. 

Results You Will Fall in Love With

It is no secret that Brazilian blowouts can become a little, shall we say, addicting. When you leave our salon with silky smooth, healthy hair, you will feel your absolute best. Curious to see if a Brazilian blowout is for you? Stop by ZaZa Salon and Day Spa or book an appointment today. This transformational treatment not only reduces styling time but can also contribute to the overall health of one of your most defining features. Get results you’ll fall in love with and try a Brazilian blowout today.